A leap for the planet, one bite at a time.


Friday 20th October saw the opening of Hop For The Future, officially launching the collaboration between SuperNaturale and Small Giants, the innovative European insect protein company.


Hop for the Future is a call to action, a push to transform our perspective on food, helping to address one of the most pressing challenges of our time: feeding the world’s growing population in a regime of unequal and unequal access to the earth’s resources.


The campaign brought cricket proteins, namely in the form of Small Giant’s pure cricket flour, crackers and pasta, to the publics’ tastebuds. First via the Maker’s Faire, enormous european showcase of the most exciting inventions across tech, IT, environment and of course, food, and second via Vinificio, Roman natural food and wine establishment. Here, chef Alberto Mereu devised a experimental yet flawless 4 course menu infused with cricket flour, complete with fresh pasta, fresh pizza, desserts and a taco created with the support of tortilla artisan Manuel of La Punta Expendio de Agave.

This curated one-off menu was maintained at Vinificio alongside a variety of merch, information and visual materials, enticing and educating its clientele about the solely positive and critically necessary impacts of eating insects.

With Hop for the Future, our goal is to promote the exploitation of edible insects as a source of sustainable protein, a surprising and untapped resource that can contribute significantly to a more prosperous future.

Every bite counts. Every food choice we make can positively affect our planet.

With ‘Hop for the Future’, we invite everyone to make a conscious choice, free from useless, aged prejudices, to take a step towards a more sustainable world. The championing of insects as natural sources of protein is an essential towards the type of global change we want to see.

Hop for the Future continues to expand throughout the Italian territory, watch our media channels for more restaurant pop-ups near you. If you are a curious chef, contact SuperNaturale for Ho.Re.Ca. deliveries.

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