Hop for the Future

A leap for the planet, one bite at a time.   Friday 20th October saw the opening of Hop For The Future, officially launching the collaboration between SuperNaturale and Small Giants, the innovative European insect protein company.   Hop for the Future is a call to action, a push to transform our perspective on food, […]


Inebriated artists (AI) is a project that has nothing to do with artificial intelligence (and perhaps is not even intelligent). Instead this project is an event of art – where everything happens in a spontaneous and natural way, just how we like it. Contact us to find out more case histories

Algae Bar

ALGAE BAR is a moment of taste, of knowledge and of entertainment, designed by SUPERNATURALE for Ho.re.ca and Consumer Brands Contact us to find out more case histories


The reportage of TOUR DE FRANCE in part becomes ROUGH FACES. A photographic series by photographer Viviana Berti, portraying the vignerons of SUPERNATURALE’s portfolio. Captured by her curious and reflective eye, this series paints a picture of the women and men behind the bottle, of faces marked by time spent between fields and cellars. case […]

Tour de France

TOUR DE FRANCE Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 sees the SUPERNATURALE team pack their bags and depart for France, for a journey of scouting, wine discovery and territorial knowledge. Content filmed throughout the many kilometres traversed between vines, wineries, old and new friends. Contact us to find out more case histories


FISHMEN is a SuperNaturale documentary, shot and produced in-house, that examines the fishing industry in Northern Spain, from risks to opportunities. Filmed in early summer of 2022 between Cantabria and Galicia, FISHMEN is a cross-section of Atlantic life – it recounts an ancient marine culture poised between big industry, tradition and the search for responses […]