“It is important to stress that an investment is only sustainable if it is economically sustainable”

Kristian Jensen – Danish Minister of Finance

If you do better, your customers thank you.
As does the planet.

Accompanying agri-food and HORECA businesses through a management of operations according to principles of circular economy and technological maturity in the care of raw materials and waste.

Instigating change in consumer habits, and contributing to the ecological transformation of the food system by addressing its structural problems.

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We work for

  • The 7 Spheres

  • SUPERNATURALE works together with Ho.Re.Ca. operators to set them on a pathway of green transformations, accompanying businesses through structural environmental changes, reducing and remaking their impact.
  • SUPERNATURALE Consulting incisively analyses 7 areas of your business to design positive improvements that fit your operation, and assists in their implementation buoyed by a broad network of partners and suppliers.
  • Each business is an agent of change

  • Successful adoption of green transformations generates financial savings, improves reputation, grows consumer engagement, and increases competitivity as a sector leader. Most importantly, these changes shield the environment from damaging impacts, remaking your business’ relationship with surrounding nature and the wider ecosystem for the better.
  • In this way, SUPERNATURALE Consulting helps Ho.Re.Ca. operators to build food systems that regenerate – rather than raid – the planet.
  • An environmental toolkit

  • Our consultancy is structured according to a cyclical process in which data collected of your business’ environmental inputs and outputs is periodically assessed and jointly reviewed.
  • This approach allows for objectives to be defined, met, and then updated. Positive change is continuous.
  • Our consultancy is collaborative – rather than recommending generic schemes or a series of top-down instructions, green goals and implementation strategies are developed in close alliance, with your input. Together with the support of our network of partners and suppliers, this collective activity ensures that transformations are long-lasting and truly beneficial.

  • The entire environmental impact of your business, from beginning to end, may be addressed. Green interventions are designed across any or all seven different environmental areas – this depends on the preferences, goals, and capability of your business.


It is increasingly important to consumers that businesses demonstrate an effort to have reduced their CO2 emissions and to have increased their use of renewable energy. Indeed, for 91% of Italians, businesses must invest in energy savings, both on the production side and on delivery of a product with low consumption and environmental impact.

Energy changes are essential to meeting these expectations, and for the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, energy can represent an important, and often, easy opportunity to save money and precious environmental resources.

By privileging renewable energies, employing energy saving technologies and training staff on energy reduction, SUPERNATURALE can guide your business towards its most energy efficient state yet.


Waste represents one of the greatest environmental crises of the Ho.Re.Ca. sector. In Italy 103,600 kg per year of CO2 emissions are emitted by the sector’s food waste, forming 14% of the entire food value chain’s impact (Di Pierro et al, 2023).

By implementing innovative technologies, rethinking purchasing strategies and ingredient use and coaching personnel on waste reduction, SUPERNATURALE supports you to reduce your business’ food waste, to ensure that as little of your purchased food as possible goes down the drain.


The most immediate environmental concern of the consumer is for the sustainability of their food. Consumers feel responsible for driving the ecological transition through positive choices – 24% of Italians feel that we, as individuals, are primarily responsible (Censis Green and Blue, 2022). As the food service industry provides these choices, Ho.Re.Ca. is co-responsible for green consumer behaviour.

SUPERNATURALE assists you in adopting a green approach to ingredient sourcing, constructing menus, and informing consumers, in order to ensure the positive environmental impact of your food service business.


Whether building new spaces, renovating old ones, or simply wanting to implement positive changes, maximizing the environmental nature of permanent features can greatly improve the green nature of Ho.Re.Ca. spaces.

SUPERNATURALE Consulting collaborates with your business to find creative ways of greening space, assists in sourcing environmentally friendly materials, and helps to improve the visibly green quality of your establishment.


Choosing to procure non-food products and services that meet the highest environmental and health standards available can greatly reduce commonly hidden, negative impacts of your business; it also shows that a business’ green structural transformations are undertaken and maintained in a holistic way.

SUPERNATURALE Consulting assists your business in improving the safety and environmental quality of a comprehensive range of non-food products and services involved in Ho.Re.Ca. operations, through green procurement strategies and support in selecting appropriate suppliers and improving cleaning efficiency.


In Italy, Ho.Re.Ca. operators are often forced to grapple with inadequate external waste management services; to alleviate the practical, sanitary, and environmental problems this can cause, it is essential that businesses reduce inflows of non-reusable materials, recycle materials to the greatest degree possible, and tackle residual waste outputs using alternatives to inefficient collection services.

SUPERNATURALE Consulting assists you in dropping waste production whilst improving the management and types of waste created by sourcing reusable and sustainable packaging, products and delivery, prioritizing circular economy solutions, and training staff on the use, reuse and proper end-of-life disposal of all non-food materials.


Rapidly warming climates are projected to aggravate water scarcity, and therefore rising operating costs associated with water consumption; (water costs are also commonly twinned with energy costs, due to the use of heated water in food preparation).

Coupled with the shocking reality that 42% of drinking water is lost from the ageing Italian water network, all steps taken to reduce water use are of both environmental and strategic importance (Legambiente, 2022).

SUPERNATURALE Consulting assists you in reducing your business’ water consumption, by supporting the installment of water-saving technologies and the incorporation of water-efficient practices.